A Reply To “High school hosts ‘National Coming Out’: Parents protest campus events, including ‘gay’ film festival”

Alexander S. Peak

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1 December 2005

I found an article on WorldNetDaily entitled “High school hosts ‘National Coming Out’: Parents protest campus events, including ‘gay’ film festival.”

What follows are my replies to various excerpts from the article.

An angry father told the station he believes students shouldn’t have to be exposed to this kind of event.

Then he is a nut, no better than those who claim that we should ban the word “God” in public so that people won’t be exposed to it.

“This one sent me over the edge,” said Duane Johnson.  “They’re asking the straight students to wear pink in support of the gay and lesbian agenda, coming out and coming out strong here.”

I’d wear it.

In fact, I’m helping to organize a Marriage Equality event on my campus, Towson University.  My group, the College Libertarians of Towson, will be co-hosting the event with the Towson Campus Greens and the Queer Student Union next semester.

The event comes as Time magazine’s controversial cover story on “gay teens” is being denounced by critics as blatant homosexual propaganda—which is not surprising, since the Time journalist who researched and wrote the story is a homosexual with a long history of advancing “gay” causes, including the promotion of anonymous homosexual orgies.

What has this got to do with anything?

First of all, if we look at the dictionary-definition of propaganda, then almost everything I write is “propaganda,” as it almost always supports my views.  There is nothing inherently wrong or inherently deceitful with propaganda.

Parent Sherry Gholson told the Baltimore station, “I don’t think it’s something that should be done in high school.  Again it’s a personal preference.  I think it’s something that should be looked at at home.”

What is Ms. Gholson implying?  That students should not be allowed to speak about their heterosexuality in public; or, is it that it shouldn’t matter to the public what your sexuality is?

There won’t be any school-sponsored activities, she explained, and it’s a club event in which students are not required to participate.

You can’t complain there.  Unless you’re a nut or a state socialist.

The message of our students are one of tolerance, understanding, awareness.


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