Alex Peak


2008/05/28:  Murder and the Hidden Temple

Also available in .txt.

There is this temple-like structure that is found.  This structure changes back and forth throughout the dream between a model of a hidden, underground temple-like thing to an actual, full-scale, and surprisingly small temple-like thing.  At one point, I’m finding a new, undiscovered door.  The structure is a model when I do this, as the door is about a centimetre tall.  At another point, I’m cleaning dirt and dust away from a marble tabletop.  The structure is full-scale at this point in the dream.

Later, I’m watching the dream unfold through a main character.  There is a group of mobsters who want to get into a cafeteria, but cannot do so without someone swiping a card.  The main character has a card, but swipes it so that he can get in.  Once inside, he procures an object from the floor that can supposedly kill whosever name is typed into it.  The main character, clearly a person with no concern whatsoever for the non-aggression axiom, types in the name Robert Milnes.  (Milnes was a guy who, prior to the 2008 Libertarian National Convention, was suggesting that both the Libertarian Party and the Green Party nominate him for a fusion ticket.)  It is unlikely that this contraption actually possesses the magical ability to kill, however.  Other names of persons vying for the Libertarian nomination, including Mary Ruwart and Bob Barr, had already been typed into it by prior users, and no ill effect had befallen them.

Another pointless dream that makes no sense.

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