Alex Peak


2008/05/29:  School Daze

Also available in .txt.

I’m walking through the hallways and stairwells of a college, searching for specific professors and the appropriate classroom for a final.  In this dream, I’ve thrown away any hope of getting a passing grade in all but one of my classes.  My character must devote his energy to at least passing that one class.  But will he?

The dream leaves off there.

This was one of those “oh no!—what am I doing?—I’ve got too much on my plate—I can’t complete anything—where am I supposed to be now?—I just know I missed something important—the world is flying by me” type dreams.  They’re really annoying.  Hey, when I’m asleep, I like to relax.  Is that so much to as, Mr. Sandman?

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