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2008/06/05:  Life of a Libertarian Mail-Deliverer…With Mob Connections

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This one begins with me dealing with one of my bosses at the Towson University post office.  In real life, that is where I currently work as I attend college there.  In the dream, I come into work the day after I did something that apparently irritated my boss.  We’re not in the usual post office area—perhaps they’re doing construction there.  In any event, I have the responsibility of talking to my boss and explaining whatever my side of the story was.

Later, I’m in a class with Professor Korzi, in which he claims to the students that libertarians wish to do away with the government.  Because I find myself appalled at the misinformation being spoon-fed to the students, I take the opportunity to correct my professor.  I state that most libertarians are limited-government libertarians (i.e. minarchists), and that only a minority of us are no-government libertarians (i.e. anarchists).  The no-government libertarians comprise 15% of the Libertarian Party, according to Mr. Brian Holtz.  Therefore, whereas the elimination of government is not an un-libertarian position, it is by no means held by all, or even most, libertarians.

Following the class, I follow Dr. Korzi around so as to discuss the philosophy in greater detail, to answer any questions he may have, and to sway him closer to my own libertarian views.  We eventually reach a place that looks similar in some ways to the Towsontown Garage on campus, although it looks different in that there is more scaffolding.  If I’m to follow him, I must climb up a latter, go through what looks like a squarish man-hole cover, and make sure I don’t get shot.  Yes, whomever Dr. Korzi is meeting for some reason shoots at anyone who emerges from the man-hole area.  Dr. Korzi climbs up first, and I below hear round after round being fired off.  If Dr. Korzi can get his friend to see him before he gets the next round fired, he will survive and be able to discuss with his friend whatever he wishes.  If he doesn’t, he dies.

This is beginning to look like a bad idea to me.

There are also a bunch of dogs on the ground where I am, and a cat is clinging to my leg, which I’m holding up in the air so as to keep the cat safe from the dogs.  I move my leg over to a small platform so that the cat can dismount while remaining safe from snapping jaws, but unfortunately the cat’s claws have gotten stuck in my jeans, and the animal finds itself unable to dismount.

I never do follow Dr. Korzi through the man-hole area.  I’m pretty sure his friends were members of the mob, anyway.

Later, I’m hanging out with some friends, including Mike Lucido.  For whatever reason, I’m both high on marijuana in this dream and attempting to play a small guitar which I believe was not designed to be actually played.  It sounds horrible.  I can’t remember anything else from this section of the dream.

I do recall, however, being concerned for Ali Judges family, who are revealed in this dream to be also involved in the mafia.  Apparently, some signal was accidentally sent off indicating to some other mob family that the Judge family was prepared to pay them a certain amount of money at a certain location.  The Judge family was already there, and this other family was on its way.  The Judge family has no idea that this other family is coming for the money now, because it’s not actually due for another week.  This other family doesn’t know that the Judge family had not sent the signal, and will likely presume that the Judges are just trying to get out of paying, even though the Judges themselves know they intend to pay next week when the money is due.  Because of miscommunication, people will likely end up getting shot.

So, Ali and I go on an heroic mission to stop this before it happens.  We have walkie-talkies so we can split up.

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