Alex Peak


2008/06/06:  The Vomit of Freedom

Also available in .txt.

I don’t remember this dream.  I took too long to record it.  This morning I knew all three aspects to include.  Now, I only remember two of the three aspects, and unfortunately the main story-line was the forgotten third aspect.

Therefore, this entry will be short.

I recall a sports mascot vomiting into his mask/helmet thing.  Sucked for him.

I recall this same suit coming up two or three times throughout the dream.  It reminded me of Family Guy, and how some obscure reference will pop up in subsequent episodes.

One of the “later episodes” in my dream involved me passing a room in which someone was putting on a mascot costume.  The person comments, as I pass the door, “Hey, this suit smells like vomit.”

Family Guy-esque.

The other aspect of the dream I remember involves The Market for Liberty by Linda & Morris Tannehill.  I think I’m introducing the topic of the book to a class I’m in.  (Note to self: do not end sentences with prepositions!)

I think the rest of this dream somehow involves school.  Probably.

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