Alex Peak


2008/06/24:  Points in Transition

Also available in .txt.

(A)  I find myself riding a tiny, miniature horse, about the size of my Pomeranian.  However, I quickly notice that the horse is tired.  So, I pick him up and carry him the rest of the way.

(B)  I’m driving with some co-workers, specifically Tom and Debbie.  Tom and I are in the front seat.  Tom is driving, and takes us through an area where the police have clearly set up cones to prevent such driving.  Tom claims to be convinced that I am an anti-narcotics cop.

(C)  Katie, or someone like her, arrives at the boardwalk with myself and others.  She is crying—or perhaps simply very upset—because she had scheduled to meet Steven Spielberg there, and he did not appear to be at the location.  Had she missed him?  I notice, however, that he was sitting on a bench, with his back to us: he had not yet left.  Katie (or whoever) was thrilled.

(D)  David Friend needs to talk to me privately.

(E)  My son and I have switched places (e.g. Freaky Friday), so that I could pass his test for him.  I end up causing him to lose his girlfriend.

(F)  There is a classroom with oddly-positioned seating.  The chair in the middle is the highest, and the chairs on the far ends are the lowest.  That doesn’t mean they cascade down perfectly evenly, as it looks somewhat mountainous under the chairs.  There is a round walkway around the back of this mountain, and smaller mountains on either side of this main mountain of chairs, large enough to hold two or three chairs each, but set back from the main mountain of chairs so that they appear on the other side of the walkway.

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