Alex Peak


2008/06/23:  Flying with Freedom

Also available in .txt.

I am either in a high school or a college.  I’m a student, but when I step out of the anarchism closet, I am not met with appreciation, as I begin to get chased.  Luckily, I seem to be able to fly—but unlikely, so can my chasers.

When I woke up, I wrote down some notes to remind myself of what I had dreamt.  Unfortunately, my notes are not as clear to me now as they were when I wrote them.  The next thing I write is “Cell Phone & Driving,” but I do not know to what this could refer.  I also have written on this note, “The Office and Evil (Possession, Hospital).”  Again, I have no clue to what this refers.

The next part I do remember.  In this dream, Mike Gravel had become the Libertarian Party presidential nominee rather than Bob Barr.  I find myself going to various Libertarian events at which Mr. Gravel is speaking, and being about as impressed with him as I am currently with Mr. Barr.

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