Alex Peak


2008/06/29:  Bloody Dreaming

Also available in .txt.

DISCLAIMER:  This dream involves dramatic violence.  Reader discretion is advised.

In this dream, I find a physical location—a bathroom stall specifically—in which I intend to store my dreams.  It seems I had this dream journal in mind while finding the location, but why that location and why a physical place, I know not.  Was I going to have files of paper-copies of these dreams?  Who knows.

The problem was, people wanted to use this bathroom for other things—and there were plenty of such persons.  So, my dreams of setting up a physical dream repository in some strange bathroom stall in the middle of who-knows-where was squashed.

Since I slept for around twelve hours last night, the dream I had was quite long, and I’ve already forgotten most of it.  I recall it not making much sense anyway.

I do recall an evil woman, approximately my age, whom I had to kill with an axe.  Since she was evil, it took a lot of chopping to kill her.  Simply chopping off her lower body wasn’t enough, I also had to chop off her head and chop into her back.

I’m not positive this actually killed her, but it did stop her from being able to attack us.  (I forget with whom else I was.)  We were safe, and blood was everywhere.

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