Alex Peak


2008/07/01:  The Colour of Success

Also available in .txt.

In this dream, I am visiting Ali Judge.  Unfortunately for me, to get there I have to walk through a bad neighbourhood.  Children are shooting glowing balls at me, like one might expect from some crappy video game.  I am unhurt, and continue on my way.

I visit her multiple times.  In a later visit, I decide to take an alternate route.  I go along a stream and through a wooded area.  Ali’s father and I are travelling together, and we find ourselves in some wooden contraption that whose floors turn.  It is made for children, and we oughtn’t be there.  When we go through the woods, we encounter an old, run-down Wal-Mart.  It has been closed up, and a homeless person is living in the dilapidated building.

Later, Ali and I are at a hospital.

Later still, David Boaz has written a new book, and is describing it.  Maybe he’s actually reading it, I don’t know.  It is on the new success of the Libertarian Party, which he has attributed to the design of new clothes that employ radically unconventional colours in the fabric.  I can see the colours as this is being described, and I have to agree that it looks stunning.  The fibres are virtually glowing with blues, greens, and violets of varying shades and hues.

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