Alex Peak


2008/07/13:  Return to Oak Crest

Also available in .txt.

While I was in high school, I worked in the Fireside Dining at Oak Crest Village.  In this dream, I was back, working there once more.

Interestingly, some familiar faces were still working there.  Why they had not moved on to, well, a good job, I know not.  Even more interestingly, some new yet familiar faces were there.  Sarah Beth Sichina, a friend and fellow member of the College Libertarians of Towson, was now working there.

One of the residents asks me for soup.  To get him or her his or her soup, I must head back through the kitchen and down the elevator.  (Why?  Who knows.)  Unfortunately for me, the kitchen has essentially become an obstacle course.  It takes way, way, way too long to get the soup.  The resident must be pissed at me.

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