Alex Peak


2008/07/15:  The Joker and Time Travelling

Also available in .txt.

travel back in time — ask the 11-year-old Alex when I created the AP ligature — 11-year-old Alex tells 23-year-old Alex that I made it when I was nine or ten — I dance with my great-grandmother — animals, lions, little girls, kittens — arrested — cop from Se7en — I am in the institute from 12 Monkeys — personnel there states something about a madman, I ask if its the Joker — they say no, the “other madman” — I assume Batman — I leave, find a…is it a robot, or a mass of maggots that can function as one body? — it attacks a guard — Commissioner Gordon has no qualms with murdering the innocent, this does not sit well with my set of libertarian ethics — I convince Gordon to help me pursue the Joker, who is on the loose

Eventually, we locate the Joker.  Despite not having seen The Dark Knight, and despite having avoided as much as I could anything that would spoil the movie, this Joker was undoubtedly the The Dark Knight (2008) Joker, as opposed to Burton’s Batman (1989) Joker.

After finding the Joker, I find myself with no choice but to, at least at first, run from him.  I am virtually free-falling down a set of stairs to get away from him.  Many floors below, I come to a theatre.  The Joker is not moving as quickly as I had been, but follows nevertheless, and eventually meets up with me, as I had stopped travelling upon reaching the theatre.

The Joker has the intent to kill me, but like a cat, wishes to play with his victim first.  This is his undoing, for while he’s dilly-dallying, I stab him, and end his spree of anomie for good.

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