Alex Peak


2008/07/25:  The Perfect Ten

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DISCLAIMER:  This dream involves sexual relations.  Reader discretion is advised.

It’s the Summer, and I’m taking some Summer courses.  These may or may not be courses that, in the dream world, I failed to attend previously.

In class, I recognise one of the students to be a young Ron Paul.  Later, this student ceases to be Ron Paul, or turns out not to have been Ron Paul.

A young woman is in this class with me, and she is extremely attractive.  According to one of the authors of Manifesta, third-wave feminists tend to view themselves as both subject and object.  Whether this young woman had read Manifesta or not, she certainly shared this attitude, and did not have any problem with the dualistic nature of being both subject and object.  She made this clear.  She had a sex-positive attitude.  Perhaps you could even say she was a libertine.

As it turns out, she and I decided to share a room.  (Or were we already roommates, having been so for quite a while?)  It was a joint decision that she and I were not going out with one another, but that this would be no reason not to enjoy sexual engagement with one another.  In our room, we had separate beds, but they were only there for those nights that either she or I had a date.  On any night where we were both dateless, we were to share her bed.

Given her libertine attitude toward sex, she did not mind spontaneous sexual contact.  I was not sure, however, if she was limiting this spontaneous contact to me or if she extended it to others as well; I had a sneaking suspicion that there really were no other men close to her.  In any event, she at some juncture spontaneously reached out and began massaging a certain appendage of mine through my jeans.  Despite this being through my jeans, it still felt Heavenly (dreams have a way of doing that), almost magical.

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