Alex Peak


2008/07/26:  Wild Party

Also available in .txt.

I’m at [Vladimir]’s apartment, however it’s not [Vladimir]’s; it is owned by Ali Judge.  A wild party is going on, and both [Vladimir] and Ali have had to leave the premises for one reason or another—not together, and not for the same reason.

[Vladimir]’s bedroom has glass walls, so I can see what is going on in there.  Two gentlemen are about to engage in sexual activity on [Vladimir]’s bed, and so I call his cell phone and ask him if he cares.  (I doubt he would care about the homosexuality per se, but he might be upset that sexual activity was taking place on his bed without his consent.)

I leave the apartment, with party still going, to find Ali.  This apartment, instead of being in Maryland, is in New Jersey.  Further, there’s a grassy field and some woods surrounding it.  As I’m walking through past these many persons on the fielded area, where I’m fairly sure drug use is taking place, I give Ali a call.  Seems she’s with her family for some reason.

In my pursuit of Ali, I for some reason must avoid her parents.  My character knows why (after all, he chose the behaviour, it wasn’t chosen for him by Ali), but I as narrator or as conscious viewer of my actions do not know why, or at least do not now remember why.

I am following Ali, but I’m unfortunately too distant from her to catch up.  Or something.

So, in the mean-time, I visit a little food court where I run into the guy who played Borat.  He is pretending to be a new, different character, and serving food in an improper manner.  I know it’s him, but he doesn’t know I know, so I’m having fun playing along.

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