Alex Peak


2008/08/02:  Love From The Future

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I somehow go back in time to a year and a half ago, to around the time I first met Ali Judge.  I have no way back to the present, and thus must just relive these past seventeen months.  I have deep emotions for Ali, as she does for me; nevertheless, we are not going out, and have no plans presently to start dating each other.  Nevertheless, I was extremely worried in this dream that Ali might not have memory of these seventeen months I could remember.  It would be troublingly sad if she couldn’t remember it, because that would mean she had not built the emotional bonds with me that we share.  And because emotional bonds are built spontaneously and without central planning, there would be no guarantee that they could be rebuilt, or built the same way.

When I ask her if she can remember, I am relieved to learn she does.  Thus, she is the same person, the person with the experience of knowing me and loving my friendship.

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