Alex Peak


2008/08/19:  The Pot Commercial

Also available in .txt.

DISCLAIMER:  This dream involves one or more illicit substances.  Reader discretion is advised.

This dream involves a commercial…for pot.

The actors of the commercial are the two male friends of Sarah Silverman on The Sarah Silverman Program.  They’re both wearing nice sweaters, and look fairly clean and pseudo-preppy.  They’re also giggling.

Brian Posehn is holding a book.  He places it on the table so that the camera can see the from cover.  The book is, you could say, standing up.  Whereas Posehn is standing to the left of the (his left, our right), Steve Agee is standing behind the table.  He picks up an innocent-looking plant, shows it to the camera, and places it behind the book.  Then the two, giggling, place some marijuana behind that.  On camera, you can see just enough that the audience can figure out that it is marijuana, however not enough that reasonable doubt would be eliminated.  It was enough for the viewers to know, including the police, but not enough that the police would be able to arrest anyone.  It was hidden just enough that the commercial’s producers could deny everything.

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