Alex Peak


2008/08/20:  Unexpected Alterations

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DISCLAIMER:  This dream involves one or more illicit substances.  Reader discretion is advised.

In real life, Tom is a co-worker.  He and I deliver mail on the campus of Towson University.  Amanda Kinslow is a fellow student.

In this dream, Tom, Amanda, and I were all working on first run.  This is unusual because (A) Amanda is not an employee of the mail services department, and because (B) Tom has his own work to do during first run.  (“First run” is the first set of mail deliveries, handled between 8:15 and 10:00 AM.  It includes Burdick Hall, where Tom, Amanda, and I are when this dream begins.)

Tom has an insulting but not truly mean approach of interacting with people.  This was Amanda’s first experience with him.  (In real life, they have probably not met.)

There is a symbol painted for some reason on the mail van, and looks like the letters “or” within a “no sign.”  On either side of this “no sign” are the letters ‘O’ and ‘R.’  Why?  No clue.  But, for some reason, we’re responsible for touching it up.

When I get in the passenger side of the van, Amanda is sitting in the drivers seat.  She has her knees up near her chest, her arms wrapped around her legs, her feet up on the seat near her butt-region, and is crying.  She may or may not be also barefoot.  She is crying, apparently, because of Tom’s attitude.

In real life, I doubt Amanda cries even semi-often.  I can’t say I doubt she cries, but I doubt she cries any more or less than I do, and I rarely cry.  So, automatically, this action on her part appears out of character.  I’m seeing a side of her that she doesn’t show often.

Amanda ceases crying when Tom comes to the van.  She clearly has zero intention of letting him know he got to her.  When it is revealed not long after that Tom has pot and perhaps other drugs, Amanda does something that surprises me.  She invites him to her apartment.  This is, remember, less than a minute after she ceases crying.

There’s a problem.  If I’m to go to her apartment with Amanda and Tom, do I miss [Vladimir]’s party happening that same night?

Ultimately, I think I end up going home.  I’m at a place with a number of people, and I think it’s my home—although there’s no guarantee of that.  These people are talking about movies.  I (or someone) says in reply to someone else something to the effect of, “If you think he’s bad, see Joel Schumaker!”  (I must be referring to the horrible job he did with Batman & Robin (1997).)

Someone asks to see a copy of Liar Liar (1997).  When I or someone finds a copy, we stick the DVD in and begin viewing it.  For whatever reason, we’re not seeing the 1997 Jim Carry comedy on the television.  Instead, we’re seeing something that literally looks like it was made in the future.

Everyone is dressed weird (by our standards), but not in some campy interpretation of futuristic fashion (e.g. Back to the Future II (1989).)  These people also use very strange, seemingly convoluted (by our standards) phrases, phrases that make sense to the characters but not to us viewing it.

The movie appears to be taking place in some sort of jazz club, albeit futuristic.  The music clearly has a jazzy feel to it, but is unlike anything I’ve yet heard.

Whatever this movie was, I wanted to see it—all of it.  It was very different, very imaginative, very…new.

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