Alex Peak


2008/09/17:  Together

Also available in .txt.

I don’t have much clue what’s going on in this one.

I know I’m visiting a person like my friend Ali Judge, although she’s possibly not Ali.  Her surroundings particularly look unfamiliar, but I’m nonetheless headed toward her, and we will drive somewhere.

I’m also an R.A., it seems.  Or, at least I get confused for an R.A. by the boss of whatever dorm I’m in.  Am I switching position with an R.A., serving his requirements, despite not actually being an R.A. myself?

Most profound about this dream is the eel.

This Ali-like person (perhaps Ali herself?) and I go see animals.  We see this one animal, an eel-like animal, that is supposedly a genius, perhaps even smarter than I.  What does it mean to be smarter than a human, or of a higher I.Q. than a human, or to possess a greater grasp on reality than a human, if you cannot communicate?

The eel had no way to communicate with the world, no way to share ideas, or to gain the ideas that humans could share with it.  Yet it seemed to possess a peculiar wisdom.  This eel stared at my, into my eyes, and I at it, into its eyes.  We knew, and tacitly acknowledged to ourselves, what we both knew, that without communication, we could not communicate even the most basic truths to one another.

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