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2008/09/23:  A Dream Within A Dream

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Last night, I had a dream within a dream.  To make this description clear, I will refer to the dream-within-a-dream as Dream-B and the meta-dream in which Dream-B took place Dream-A.

In Dream-B, I had stuff growing out of the palm of my hand.  These were colourful little slits of paper, slightly bent.  I had, at seeing this, recalled other things growing out of my hand in previous years, but thought that I had grown out of the phase where stuff would grow out of my hand.  However, seeing the colourful slits of paper, I realised that I had not grown out of it, and began fearing that I might never.

Still in Dream-B, I came to the conclusion that I ought to see a doctor, to find out what could be done about my hand.

Then I leave Dream-B, and enter the meta-dream in which it took place, Dream-A.  At this point, I know Dream-B was a dream, and know that I have no actual reason to see a doctor, since there was nothing actually growing out of my hand.  Yet, I sincerely believed that I was awake at this point, despite still being in Dream-A.  Further, I sincerely believed that I had remembered the experience of stuff growing out of my hand, either from previous dreams or perhaps even from previous real experience.  If I had to guess, I’d have said that it was in previous dreams.  Nevertheless, what’s important to note is that while I was in Dream-A, I had the memory.

Upon actually waking up, I realised that this memory was a false memory, and that I had had no experience of anything growing out of my palm except for the one event in Dream-B last night.

Make sense?

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