Alex Peak


2008/09/24:  Cheating

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In this dream, drugs are legal, it would appear.

In this dream, I come to meet Ali Judge and [Vladimir] at an odds-and-ends-type store that happens to have a drug section.

In this dream, I cannot remember Ali’s name, and she or someone tells me her name is Tara.  Why Tara?

In this dream, [Vladimir] shows me a jar of mushrooms on a shelf.

In this dream, I see an item on the same shelf that has strange, little, moving mouths.  The mouths move only after having dispensed LSD into a person’s body.  It appears that [Vladimir] has been exposed to a large quantity of LSD and is confused about his surroundings.

In this dream, Ali (Tara?) looks confused as well, although to a far lesser extent.  I ask her if she had tried a drug, and she confirms that she had, although it had mostly worn off at that point.

In this dream, I felt dejected.  Would she not prefer her first use of such a substance be made while under my protective care and supervision?  It was as though she’d cheated on me.

Later in this dream, I have to get to my Philosophy of Literature course, which I have every Friday this semester.  To get there, I have to go through what is more or less an obstacle course.  I make my way mostly though, thanks to the help of my guide, but realise that I must go back to get my book bag.  I ask my guide to wait there for me, and make my way back.  After I get my book bag, I start to make my way through the obstacle course once more.  A female professor is calling after me, telling me she can get me a ride, but I ignore her and hurry on my way, wishing to complete this effin’ obstacle.  I’m sure to be late.

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