Alex Peak


2009/07/28:  The Cost of a Class

Also available in .txt.

I am in some weird place—like a building—where, when I go through one door, I encounter a trail with living things of an unknown level of either goodness or evilness.  I do not recall what my objective was here or the nature of my interaction with those who occupied this building.

I enter a classroom, where a table is set up with foods.  I and one other person are present.  No one else has yet to show up.  Naturally, I and the other person decide to eat some of the snacks.

I then discover that there are two prices available for this class, the higher price being for those who have desired the snacks.  As I would rather forgo the snacks for a lower cost, I try to change the status of my class assignment; all I achieve, however, is eliminating my food-option while maintaining the same, higher price.

The teacher of this course, upon learning of the situation, laughs and claims that he had convinced me to give him my money by saying to me, “Then give me back my money.”  I do not know where he got this belief.

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