Alexander S. Peak

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Upload the assessment management X019LL reports

THX 1138

A scene from THX 1138 (1971) by George Lucas

Via communication lines available at connection remotes

One, eight, and nine.

Avoid reference errors.

Reference errors will yield failure of transmission,

Time-out functions,

Master switches 82–stop, and

General malfunction.

In the event of malfunction,

Contact the local Master General field op for assistance.

The failing agent will be charged an appropriate portion of comestible credits for

System recovery.

Assessment reports must contain data on ML3 energy usage,

Consumption of which cannot exceed 5% of overall NBM.

Supplemental forms 1B, 2B, or 52CJ available with proper security codes.

Human classes 83–89 are required to supplement all reports with form 2B.

Failure will be regarded as delinquency, punishable under Code 195.

Human classes 72–82 are recommended to supplement reports,

Especially X22C and XD1M–XD1P,

With supplemental form 1B.

Termination charges are to be processed following required stopjumps.

Human classes 12–71 should refer to section 5 subsection 13 for pertinent switch rules

Or containment regulations.

Human classes 2–11 shall be exempt from process demands until the following quarter.

Code 195 shall be regarded as applicable for all feature-directs.


A scene from Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang

When pursuing objective standards of Special Code 233,

Exceptions may be applied for

Following completion of regiment protocols

57 or 59.

Failing exemption, leniency of delinquency will not be entertained.

Seastream Systems set feature eleven

Yields assessment assistance with access code PIR473.

Communicative alacrity will be controlled by Systems Headquarters

To provide for allocation efficiency.

Slow connection may occur, but should go unreported

Unless social relations have exceeded conditions

Detailed in security report L19, management level D.

Delinquency reporting will be anonymous.

Security features ensure surveillance protection.

Human class delineation augmentation may be enforced to facilitate

Further appropriate safety measures.

With agent submission social tranquillity is appropriately rendered.

Authored 18 July 2009 by Alexander S. Peak