Eye Candy

Alexander S. Peak

Also available in .txt and .pdf.

Don’t step back like the others.  I have

No time for this.  People just don’t understand time.

I mean, I try.  I really do.

You destroy my work, and what more can I do

But to grow apathetic?

Someday I’ll stop caring all together, as I begin to rot into


Yes, Sir!  That’ll be the day!

Don’t take my work word for it.  Take his.

He’s got nothing left to lose.

Lies.  Fucking lies.  And more of the same.

What do you think tomorrow will bring?

Little escapes.  Here and there.

Hither and thither.

Feather for your fortunes?

Yeah, well, neither do I.

And you can take that to the bank!

Sometimes even a Sophist gets it right.

I mean, hey, come on, now.

It’s a rocky cliff. Steep, too.  Better watch yourself,

You hear?

Because I’m not paying for this mess!

I’ll take the paper.  You can keep the mines,

Since I’ll get the minds.

And nothing more?

Where did I go?  What ever happened to me?

It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to forget.

A weaker life, running out, out, and out.

I must have died.  Yeah, that’s it.

I must have died.  It’s the only logical explanation.

One tiny slip, and that’s it.  That’s why

I’m lost, too.

Someday, you’ll be the head of your own company.

And everybody will love you.

There’s no turning back.  God has chosen it for you.

He’s given you His coffee.

He’s given you His newspaper.

He’s given you His briefcase.

He’s back in business.

So comb that hair, buddy.  Brush those teeth.

Baby Jesus doesn’t like dirty teeth!

If I have to, I’ll wash your mouth out with soap,

You filthy heathen!

Wall Street will never see you coming.

Nope.  You’ll take them by surprise.

A blitzkrieg, of sorts.

You can trust me, I would never deceive you.

Burn those calories!

Shape up!

Ship out!

Lock and load!

Oh, you’re gonna get it now.

There’s got to be more.  Could it end?

Is there an end to the barrage?  A fence

Blocking transgression and conductivity?

Oh, sweet conductivity.  Will you be my friend?

She runs frantically, you know.  There’s no real


Now maybe this is sinking in.  The dye, I mean.

What else?

With so many schools of thought, only

Yours could be right.  Right?

This isn’t going to end like this.  There’s a canyon of

Hope out there.  The feathers will soften the blow.

So, where was I?  Off

In a dream?  Yes, that would be fun.

Quite fun indeed.  As fun as a stone’s riddle.

Don’t worry, its seedy underbelly has the answers.

And the mathematical proofs.  Something so insidious,

So abstract and foreboding,

So very naïve,…this could only have come from you.

Your alliance with the gods has threatened us all!

And you call yourself wise.  Ha!

We’ll just see what democracy has to say about this!

The shot will be swift.  The introduction

Of military intervention, coupled with

A market of untapped angst, hungry for your Love:

Yes, they marked my words.  Oh sweet conductivity!

Save me from their madness!

Save me from my soul!

I beg of you, don’t step back like the others.

You’ll lose it all, and then some!

Integrity is not on the market.  And I’m as dumb

As a box of rocks.  Sleep now,

For the fire has always been burning. 


Written 2007 by Alexander S. Peak