The Game

Alexander S. Peak

Also available in .txt and .pdf.

The purple grass glows

On the growing wall,

An obscene world of

Lights and disillusionment.

Stop.  Stop me

Before I die,

Before I flee

From an obscene world.  My soul runs,

Fleeing fire,

And falling higher;

A dying desire.  Adrenalin,

Adrenalin, my one true love,

As I’m born again.

A glorious victory for those who survive

The glowing room.

Pain is an illusion,

Death is a dream;

A cloudy ceiling close to the

Earth.  A cloudy façade.

What is it worth?

Freedom is a lost word, filed away and classified

In an obsolete world,

In the glowing room.

Written 2003 by Alexander S. Peak