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Just for Parents

Because you are probably interested in knowing what sort of content I’ve made available for your kids, I’ve included this page.

The New Colossus is a poem by Emma Lazarus.  It is included for its historical and artistic value.

The North Wind and The Sun is one of Æsop’s fables.  The moral of this story is that persuasion is better than force.  The Vain Jackdaw is another of his fables.  The moral of this one is that neither beauty nor wit confers a right to rule.  A third fable is The Mice and the Weasels, in which those mice who dress themselves with feathers and straw are unable to escape the weasels, while those mice who do not do escape.  Finally, there’s The Dog and the Shadow, the moral to which is essentially, do not take what belongs to others.

The Declaration of Independence, obviously, was the document with which the United States seceded from Great Britain.  It also holds historical value, and could serve as a useful resource for children wishing to do a report on American history.

Bald Eagle is part of my colouring section.  I figure some children might be more interested in a given topic if they encounter it playfully; hence my providing them the ability to colour in a bald eagle.

Benjamin Franklin, Liberty Bell, René Descartes (the father of modern philosophy), Statue of Liberty, and The Human Mind are all also a part of my colouring section.  Of these, the only picture that is entirely blank is the Human Mind—I wanted to let the child have complete creative control, which I believe would spur her or him to use her or his imagination.

I also have a few pages that are dedicated solely to being informative.

My page on the Pledge of Allegiance gives a brief history of the pledge and its author, Francis Bellamy.

My page on libertarianism and my other page on anarchism give brief explanations of the respective political philosophies.

My pages on astronomy are still under construction, but when completed, shall include:Astronomy, The Four Inner Planets, and The Four Outer Planets.


I also have a number of external links in the Kids Corner.  These include:

Books for Kids, a list of books kids may enjoy

Library Company of Philadelphia, a company started by Benjamin Franklin and friends in 1731

The Declaration of Independence, as it was originally written

The Liberty Bell Center

General information on the Liberty Bell

An interact copy of the Liberty Bell

A timeline of the Liberty Bell

Frequently Asked Questions about the Liberty Bell

West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, a 1943 Supreme Court ruling regarding the Pledge of Allegiance

The location from which I procured my Descartes picture

The location from which I procured my Statue of Liberty picture


There are a number of pages I am thinking of adding in the near or distant future, including one on The American Revolution or one on the horrors of racism.

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