Alex Peak


2008/06/09:  Star Wars meets Heavy Metal

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DISCLAIMER:  This dream involves sexual relations.  Reader discretion is advised.

[Vladimir] is taking a trip to New Jersey, as am I.  [Vladimir] has Lauren Bodie as the passenger in his car.  I take my truck to New Jersey, following [Vladimir]’s car, and with Jimmy Little as my passenger.

[Vladimir] has a place to stay at a hotel.  He has not told me that I’m not staying with him in his hotel room, but he has also not told me that I am.  I don’t want to be an asshole, but it seems I’m in a precarious situation.

If I presume I’m staying with him when I’m not, I will irritate him by making assumptions.  If I ask him if I’m staying with him, I therefore seem to imply that it is reasonable that I would be staying with him, and he might find that an implication upon him.  On the other hand, I and Jimmy have no place to stay, and if [Vladimir] had intended that we find our own lodging, one would think he would have mentioned it sooner, and not sprung it upon us only after reaching New Jersey.

Lack of communication is clearly the problem here.  But I think said lack of communication is also in part the product of fear on my part, fear that asking the important questions will lead the other party ([Vladimir] in this case) to jump to certain conclusions, to infer certain things from my questions, certain things he may find irritating.  In this dream, I should have talked to him before even leaving for New Jersey.  But likewise he should have talked to me, for surely he understood in this dream that I was driving behind him the whole way there, and that I would be staying in New Jersey for exactly the same duration as he.

Anywho, we get to New Jersey.  [Vladimir] seems to find parking easily.  Jimmy and I, however, do not, and find ourselves driving through a parking garage to find said parking.

Once we do, we begin walking.  We’re now nowhere in sight of [Vladimir] or Lauren, and I have no clue where they are staying.  As we walk, we pass various businesses and shops.

The dream mutates.  No longer am I in New Jersey.  No longer am I Alex Peak.

I’m now Adam Sandler or some other former cast member of Saturday Night Live (SNL).

I’m at what looks like the 7720 building of Towson University.  In the dream, however, this is really the SNL studios.  I’m sneaking people inside, people who want to play basketball in the 7720 gymnasium.

There are people moving stuff into the building out back through the loading dock.

Security catches on to the idea that we oughtn’t be there.

The dream mutates yet again, as security starts searching.  These security guards are storm troopers, and we’re now on a planet that is like a cross between Tatooine and the Death Star.

One woman is able to hide by taking off her clothes and her visibility, but the storm troopers have a plan.  They will police the area by standing side-by-side and walking throughout the complex until they find her.  She’d be best to hang onto the ceiling, if she can, so that they walk below her and miss her.

I, meanwhile, escape into some room.

The women who live there are complete libertines.  There is some sort of animal/creature to which this one woman was giving cocaine.  Sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.

Sex is an activity these women have no shame in enjoying.  At first, I think sex might not be the best idea for me; after all, I’m a wanted man.  The girl finds this so absurd that she requests a doctor comes in to see me.

I do come to the conclusion that I am relatively safe in this room, as so I choose to go ahead and engage in voluntary sexual relations with this woman.  As I am in the process of de-panting her, the doctor enters, thereby preventing me from continuing in my quest.

Below the doctor’s stethoscope I see a black shirt with a red circle-A upon it.  The doctor asks me a few very sexualised questions.  One was whether I’ve ever had a woman emptying my condom (presumably by consumption of its contents) who then “started playing in your pants”?

My answer to these questions was no.

The doctor prescribed that I go to council.

(He doesn’t seem very extremely educated for a doctor.  He would have been a better questioner had he asked if I would enjoy such things, since that was what he intended to discover.)

At council, I do not wish to be discovered as someone who ought not be there, so I make a break for it.  I run from room to room, but there always seems to be another room waiting for me, never a hall-way.

I eventually find myself in what I think is a dining room.  Having no alternative, and thinking it could help me get out of my jam, I begin talking to the eaters.

At this point in the dream, I discover I’m a Jewish guy.

Figuring that I won’t make any progress continuing in my direction of escape, I begin making my way back, from room to room.  I finally make it back to the council room, and decide to speak to the council directly, pointing out that I am in no way a prude.

Not enough time left for the council to render a decision, so they don’t.

I sit down next to same sexy woman, and start playing with her clit.

Then I wake up.

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