Alex Peak


2008/06/11:  Military Camp?

Also available in .txt.

I can’t really remember this dream.  I think it takes place in a military camp, but it could just as easily take place on a construction site, on a college campus, or no a large-scale scout camping trip.  I’ve no clue.

I think food was involved.  Like an outdoor cafeteria or something.

All I can really remember is this: I learned that my grandfather had become part of a radio show, having something to do with the military.  My grandfather, in real life, had been drafted into the military.

A cell phone at my house rings.  It is a new cell phone, apparently belonging to my grandfather.  The caller asks if Stanley Peak had ever been in space.

I say “hold on” as I’m about to hand the phone to my grandfather.

The person thinks I’m putting him on hold for some long duration, and quickly says, “I just want to know if he’s been in space.”

“Okay, hold on,” I say, and I hand the cell phone to my grandfather.

My grandfather begins telling the gentleman that the radio show has been cancelled (apparently after one episode) in a manner that seems to indicate that he has rehearsed this statement.

That’s all I remember.

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