Alex Peak


2008/06/13:  Alien Hunters Attack!

Also available in .txt.

In this dream, I’m standing outside of the University Union (first floor) when a small aircraft exists a larger aircraft.  This small aircraft flies around a bit before landing right near this front door.  Unlike the others persons with whom I was standing, I had the common sense to go inside.

It was an alien wishing to hunt humans, and there were other aliens where that came from.  They looked like the aliens from the Predator movies.

Not only were they hunting humans, they were also abducting them for the purpose of hunting them later.

One co-worker was brave enough to formulate a plan for escape.  Katie Price came up with the idea of befriending the hunters.  Once a friendship is sparked, any abducted human could find him- or herself with less security oversight.  Inevitable humans would have to be moved from this room to that.  If the human being moved has befriended the hunter, the human may be allowed to accompany the hunter into the room in which the-information-regarding-which-humans-are-where is stored while the move is being made.  There, the human could switch the information and hide him- or herself thereby.

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