Alex Peak


2008/06/16:  The Zombies are Coming!

Also available in .txt.

Somehow, zombies or something were created and roaming.  A gang of us living humans, numbering around a thousand (I guesstimate), were eluding the zombies (or whatever).

We come to a hilly, grassy clearing, where we all have dinner.  There have been no sightings of anything dangerous here, and I’m hoping that we stay here after dinner, and that we do not again depart until morning, when we are all well-rested.  I figure that we might place ourselves in a precarious position by continuing our travels, especially if we run into more of these creatures when we’re tired.

However, someone says after dinner that it’s time to get moving again, and people start to get up and follow.  I think this is asinine, but I know that if I stay, it won’t convince this mass of people to also stay.  I basically had no voice in the matter.  I wanted to stick with what was left of civilisation, so I followed just like the rest.

(Now that I’m awake, I question whether I made the right decision.  If one person in that mass gets infected, it will spread like wildfire, assuming we’re actually dealing with zombies and assuming its a contagious zombiism.  I should have gotten a small team of rugged individualists and stayed there.)

So we start heading up yonder.  We have to start climbing hills.  Hill after hill.  They’re quite steep, too—unreasonably steep.  But I’m sure I can climb faster than other people—and do.

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