Alex Peak


2008/06/17:  Beach Party with Elliot in the Morning

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In this dream, I am an employee of the hit radio programme Elliot in the Morning.  I do not talk on the show, I just do…I don’t know what my job was, actually.  But I don’t speak on the show.

I am told that some beach event is coming up.  Supposedly I had been to the beach event the previous year.  Not only do I not recall the previous year’s beach event, I don’t even know what sort of beach event to which they could possibly be referring.

However, I’m shown video tape that clearly has me at the beach event of the previous year.  So, not only do I work for Elliot in the Morning, but have worked there for at least a year.

In the video, you can see I did not intend to be video taped, or recorded in any way.  There’s only about four minutes with me recorded at all.

They’re asking me to participate this year, which I’m of course willing to do.  But they’ve also asked me to participate vocally—on air.  I resist for some time.  Eventually, I give in, and say that I will allow my voice to be recorded at the beach event.  Elliot Segal is very pleased with my announcement.  Apparently he’s been wanting to get me in on the verbal action.

As we’re preparing things at the beach, Elliot hands me a book he’s found very interesting.  It’s one of those “choose your own adventure” books, but it’s written explicitly for a mature audience.  Elliot finds it really surprisingly interesting, as do I.  There’s something else about the book that we both appreciate, although I cannot now remember what that was.

There was something I personally appreciated over which Elliot might not have had any excitement:  On the first page, either Ludwig von Mises or the Ludwig von Mises Institute is mentioned.

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