Alex Peak


2008/06/18:  Holy Matrimony?

Also available in .txt.

In this dream, the character through whose eyes I’m acting (can one act through one’s eyes?) is in love with a certain girl, who is on floor four.  He wishes to propose to her.

His partner is busy tracking down and arresting the Mafia guy, who is on floor five.  We’re both searching.  I think we both find our targets and commence operation.

Later (am I married at this point? is this the same dream?) I’m in a place.  I think food is served or something.  My character has a rival.  Either we’re both angels, or I’m an angel and he’s a dæmon, or I’m just human and he’s a dæmon, or something.

There was some sort of book or something over which we were fighting.  Later we meet up in a non-confrontational atmosphere to discuss our differences.  He has an old (ancient?) flag, either from the fifteenth century or from thousands of years ago.  It’s some sort of flag that is supposed to have a white background, but this one has a black background.  It’s vertical stripes are large, smeared, and old-looking.  It’s a one-of-a-kind, and is somehow connected to the previously-mentioned object (book?).

When he tells me his story, I find it profound, and realise it could make for a great epic story.  Too bad I have no clue what he told me.

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