Alex Peak


2008/06/22:  Insanity Back in the Day

Also available in .txt.

There is a home, and I must look after it.

Later, I must transport stuff from this home to a new home, thereby necessitating a long walk past many things and persons—and insects.

This is a sort of resort for those wishing to see what it was like to live hundreds of years ago.  Everything is transported by hand.  The other aforementioned house is outside of the resort…if this even is a resort.

I find myself leaving the old home, and I see a spider web blocking what was going to be my exit.  I back up…into another spider web.  I have so much web on my back, and I fear spiders may be on my back as well.  I ask the passer-bys to check my back for me, but none do.

Eventually, someone tells me that I’m imagining all of this, that I’m actually completely insane and everything I’m seeing is my delusion.  I find myself inclined to believe this claim is accurate.

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